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No anti-virus at 33% of companies

According to a recent survey, 33% of companies have not deployed any type of antivirus software.

Antivirus software protects the whole infrastructure of 67% of companies. The remaining third introduce this kind of solution only for key nodes of the corporate network. The second most popular protection is a patch management system 62% of companies use these to identify and update potentially vulnerable applications.

IT infrastructure improvements designed to enhance corporate data security took third and fourth places in terms of frequency of use. These measures include giving different groups of users different levels of access to resources, or structuring the corporate network so that key servers and workstations are isolated. Measures of this kind help protect critical corporate infrastructure objects against infection in the event of a successful attack by cybercriminals against network nodes or workstations with lower priority.

Encryption of critical information completes the top 5 security measures which are most in demand with IT-specialists: compared to 2011, its share increased 7% to 44%. Encryption is used to combat the theft or leakage of the most important corporate information. Advanced anti-malware solutions such as Kaspersky Open Space Security help to provide a comprehensive system of protection against cyber-threats for corporate IT infrastructure. This Kaspersky Lab product protects workstations, mail and file servers as well as mobile devices and is managed from a central console. For more details on the capabilities and applications of the solution please visit the website:


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