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New Wyse PCs head for the clouds

The Wyse division at Workgroup IT has announced a new family of Wyse Cloud PCs – especially designed diskless computers with their operating systems and applications being hosted in a cloud.

The dedicated Wyse division at Workgroup IT has announced the local availability of a new family of Wyse Cloud PCs ‚ specially designed diskless PCs that get their Windows OS, applications and data from a private cloud.

This approach provides significant benefits in total cost of investment (TCO), management and security over traditional desktops, says Mercia Oosthuizen, product manager: Wyse at Workgroup IT.

‚Wyse Cloud PCs provide an alternative to the traditional PC, using cloud computing concepts to eliminate the local HDD in favour of server-based storage, providing the ability to run high-performance software on the desktop, but with security, manageability, energy use, and reduced TCO typically associated with a thin client,‚ she says.

The cloud PCs, she adds, are an ideal client option for desktop virtualisation environments, where some applications must run on the local desktop for compatibility or performance and all others on the VDI server.

Further, the inclusion of the Microsoft Windows 7 license makes these devices eligible for Microsoft Software Assurance, eliminating the need for an additional Microsoft VDA license.

The new Cloud PC models include the Wyse R00L and the Wyse R00LE, which both include bundle Microsoft licensing. These models provide a high performance environment while maintaining low power consumption of less than 15 watts.

‚Cloud PCs take the simplicity and energy efficiency of PC desktops to new levels and demonstrate a continued focus on innovating the needs of Wyse clients,‚ says Oosthuizen.

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