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New in Apps: Total control for your child’s phone

In this week’s app round-up, SEAN BACHER highlights the Kytephone app that controls children’s smartphone use, the new Real Boxing game, the Historicall itemised billing app, Funny Bounce, Magic: The Gathering ‚Äî Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 and Wikitude Paces.


The Kytephone app gives parents full control over their child’s Android smartphone. It allows parents to create a new home screen from which their children cannot exit. Kytephone also allows parents to choose who their children can call and which games they can play. And, with GPS tracking, parents can always locate their child from any phone, tablet or computer.

Visit for detailed instructions on how to set the app up.

Platform: Android.

Stockists: Google Play Store.

Expect to pay: Free to download, but the website tool costs R50 per month.

Real Boxing

Real Boxing was originally developed for iOS devices, but is now also available for Android tablets and phones. The 3D game features motion capture from professional boxers and includes a career mode allowing players to duel with twenty opponents. A training mode guides payers in improving their boxer’s skills. A variety of mini-games are also offered that will help the player become the World Champion.

Platform: iOS and Android.

Stockists: Visit the app store linked to your device.

Expect to pay: R50.


Historicall gives users itemised call reports, on demand, on their phones. Historicall differentiates itself from other itemised call apps in that it tells the user exactly to whom he or she was talking. The time and length of the call can also be displayed. The app will e-mail monthly reports to a pre-defined mailbox.

Platform: Android.

Stockists: Google Play Store.

Expect to pay: R10.

Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

Based on the original card trading game, Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 lets users fight against opponents from all around the world. It also offers a single player mode where new cards can be unlocked and added to the various decks. The iPad version of the game allows the player to travel across the Shandalar world where various wizards are fought and cards won.

Platform: Apple iPad only.

Stockists: Apple App Store.

Expect to pay: Free to download but additional cards and expansion packs range from R1 to R100.

Funny Bounce

Randy is a ball with two legs and the object of the game is to guide him up a maze of steps, stones, trunks and springs. After playing the game for a few weeks it looks like there is no sign of it ever coming to an end. Players just get higher scores the higher they get Randy to jump without letting him fall off the bottom of the screen. Funny Bounce makes use of the phone’s accelerometers and, although it is a total time-waster, is surprisingly addictive.

Platform: Windows Phone 8.

Stockists: Windows Phone Store.

Expect to pay: Free to download.

Wikitude Paces beta

By using the camera, Wikitude Places lets a user engage with their surroundings by giving them information on hotels, points of interest and restaurants. Contact details can be seen for each of the places and URLs are included to take the user directly to the location’s website for further information.

Platform: BlackBerry OS 10.

Stocksits: BlackBerry World

Expect to pay: Free to download.

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