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New cable charges in half the time



A device claiming to be the the world’s most advanced charging cable for iPhone and Android devices has been launched on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

A new device claiming to solve a number of common issues facing users of standard charging cables has been launched on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform that allows potential users and investors to put up small amounts of money that add up enough to fund the development of the project.

Sonicable promises to charge devices faster in just half the time, when using a USB oport.

The cable also solves further frustrations, such as including a dual USB plug, meaning you can plug it straight in each time, every time. Durability is another issue that many users have – Sonicable includes features such as Aluminum connectors, a braided nylon cable and is completely tangle free.

Rapid charging is achieved through the cable’s ‚ÄòSonic Mode’ with the flick of a switch on the cable, your device is brought out of data transfer mode and directly into Sonic Mode, charging at 1000mA (double the standard charging rate).

Sonicable are crowdfunding the development of their device on Indiegogo, with early bird prices from $20, and delivery dated for March 2015.

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