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New 4Sq app for BlackBerry

The new foursquare app is now available for BlackBerry. The app, available to download for free from the BlackBerry App World and is said to be easier and faster to use.
Thenrevised app now comes with three tabs at the bottom:  Friends, Explore andnYou. The new ‘Friends’ tab has swipeable photos, tips, lists and more check-innfeeds from friends and pages. Users can now ‘like’ and comment on activity ofninterest, adding a further interactive element to the experience. The ‘Explore’ntab is all about discovering what’s in the immediate vicinity: by clicking onnthis tab, users can find a map of friends nearby and get personalisednrecommendations of where to go based on places they and their friends havenvisited. The explore tab can also be used to search for specific categories orneven cravings such as where to get the best burger.

Checking-innis so much easier with the facility to tap on the top right button on all tabs.nWith the new app, users can also earn points and badges and save money withnfoursquare Specials, offered by hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Download foursquare from BlackBerry App World:

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