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Neotel uncaps WiMax

Neotel is offering its customers an uncapped WiMax Internet service through NeoFlex WiMax Lite, with download speeds of up to 1Mbps and and upload speeds of up to 576Kbps.

This service offers download speeds of 512Kbps and uploads speeds of 288Kbps for R499 or downloads speeds of 1Mbps and upload speeds of 576Kbps for R750. Both NeoFlex WiMax Lite packages are offered on a 12 month contract.

Scott Grimley, Senior Manager – Sales and Distribution said, ‚”The NeoFlex WiMax Lite service is set to give customers access to high speed hassle free internet without having to worry about unreasonable out-of-bundle charges or being capped half way through the month. The flexibility to upgrade or downgrade via a simple software change gives customers the freedom to manage their internet requirements. We continue to focus on improving the user experience, and are committed to providing high-quality internet services at affordable prices.‚”

Neotel will install the antenna, which remains the company’s property, on commencement of the service and remove it when the contract ends. Therefore, customers will only be responsible for an installation fee.

Offering the best of both worlds, NeoFlex WiMax Lite is a reliable wireless service that still offers all the benefits of fixed broadband. It is a best effort service that is provided under a Fair User Policy.


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