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Navfree comes to Android

Navfree, a free GPS satellite navigation app for the iPhone, is now available free to users of Android smartphones. Navfree is available on Android for Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, India, South Africa and Latin America.

Navfree is completely free to download and any user can help to make it the most accurate GPS navigation system by updating the map where they live or work. Navfree uses OpenStreetMap data, gathered by millions of people around the world, to guide users around different countries, cities, towns and villages. Over 20,000 map corrections are made each month by users of Navfree, as a result the app gets more and more accurate.

Unlike most other GPS navigation apps, Navfree stores all map data on the phone, this means it doesn’t rely on a data signal to work and protects users from expensive mobile data charges.

Dominic Preston, Marketing Director of Navmii said: ‚Navfree is exactly the same as a GPS navigation system for a car, apart from three things: it’s an app available on your Smart Phone. You can take it anywhere your phone goes: users can update local mapping to make it more accurate so everyone using it benefits: and its completely free to download, use and update.‚

‚Across the world we have over 3.7 million users, our maps are based on data from users all over the globe.‚ continued Preston.


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