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Nat Geo selects 118 moments of 2022

From the first all-Black Everest expedition to portraits of human resilience in Ukraine, these are the best of 2-million pics reviewed.

With millions of images moving at a rapid clip across news and social media daily, it can be difficult to focus on a singular picture that captures one moment more than any other. Yet that’s precisely what the editors at National Geographic have attempted to do, reviewing more than two million photos captured in the field this year, across the globe, by the magazine’s renowned photographers for the third annual edition of National Geographic’s Pictures of the Year. 

Nat Geo’s retrospective on the year comes from the lens of Nat Geo photographers around the world, offering breathtaking glimpses of our shared human journey and reminding us of unique elements of the incredible planet we call home. From the discovery of the shipwreck Endurance and the impact of climate change on endangered species to the first summit of Mount Everest by an all-Black team of explorers as well as emotional and striking shots of Ukrainian refugees standing in solidarity, National Geographic captures it all in Pictures of the Year 2022.

“The photos selected for Pictures of the Year stop us in our tracks and make us pay attention to stories that need to be told,” said Whitney Johnson Latorre, VP of Visuals and Immersive Experiences for National Geographic Media. 

“Each image reveals a portrait of life in motion, encouraging us all to see the world around us in new and unprecedented ways; that is the power of visual storytelling.”

National Geographic editor-in-chief Nathan Lump said: “I love that Nat Geo’s Pictures of the Year 2022 are not only about capturing the news highlights of the year; we’re showcasing the powerful stories of the year that our photographers around the globe have had their lens on.” 

“As a result, the collection captures novelty and surprise in a way that I believe expresses the best of what we do at Nat Geo.”

Pictures of the Year 2022 features multiple stories that transport readers to locations near and far. This year, 132 photographers were sent on assignment in 60 countries; 2,238,899 images were filed; and 4,000 pounds of gear were shipped out in the field. Photographers navigated extreme elements in pursuit of the perfect shot, from 120-degree temperatures in Pakistan’s Sindh and Balochistan provinces to days reaching 49 degrees below zero in Canada’s Northwest Territories. In the process, nearly every continent was covered, resulting in a robust and diverse look at life across the globe.

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