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Nashua Mobile offers trade-ups

Nashua Mobile customers can now get more from their old devices and Trade Up to a more elegant smartphone, through the new Nashua Mobile Smart Trade Programme.

3 Easy Smart Trade steps:

1. Charge your old phone before taking it to a store for a trade in quote. Remember to erase all personal data from the phone & remove the SIM card.

2. Have your device assessed at your nearest Nashua Mobile store or phone 0861 412 412 for a provisional quote.

3. Get your SMART TRADE quote from our consultant. Once you have accepted the quote, you choose how you’d like to benefit.

With Smart Trade you’ll pay less when you take a new contract, upgrade or purchase a new device. You can even use your trade in value to purchase accessories, data or airtime. You are not required to return the charger, receipt or the original packaging. All that’s required is the device. The value will be determined by the device’s condition.

However to maximise the Smart Trade value, the screen must be undamaged, the device must power up and have no signs of water damage. If not, Nashua Mobile will still allow you to trade it in, but at a lower value!

Not only does Smart Trade save you money, but it also allows you to do your part for the environment. Nashua Mobile will recycle or redistribute your old device in a way that is friendly to the planet.

What’s great is the fine print isn’t complicated either:

– The Smart Trade programme is exclusive only to Nashua Mobile customers. This benefit will also apply to new contracts.

– The trade-in value quoted for the used device is subject to inspection of the device.

– The trade-in value cannot be set off against a specific cost such as a hardware subsidy or used over 24 months. The trade-in value received is loaded as a credit on the customers’ Nashua Mobile account. Any expenses on the customers’ account thereafter will be offset against the value until the credit is depleted.

– The turn-around time for the trade in and credit will be 5 working days.

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