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Nashua Mobile adds VoIP to calling mix

Nashua Mobile has expanded its product offering with the introduction of its EasiVoice offering. EasiVoice offers a range of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business solutions.

Nashua’s new managed VoIP products and services will help companies of all sizes to drive down their telecommunications costs. The solutions offer cost-savings on calls to local, international and cellular numbers.

Says Andy Baker, Chief Executive Officer at Nashua Mobile: “With the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of mobile termination rates in South Africa, the time is ripe for businesses of all sizes to migrate onto VoIP solutions to achieve cost-savings in their telecommunications environments.””

‚With VoIP solutions in place, companies will be able to save money on cellular calls, as they did with least-cost routing solutions in the past, as well as achieve significant cost-savings on calls to local and International fixed-line numbers,”” says Baker.

‚The voice communications account forms a significant portion of most businesses’ operating costs,‚ adds Baker. ‚By adopting VoIP solutions, they can make across the board savings on calls to most destinations without needing to make any significant capital outlays.‚

Baker notes that Nashua Mobile is one of South Africa’s leading providers of least-cost routing solutions and has helped businesses optimise their telecommunications costs for years. The company sees the new VoIP solutions as a natural evolution from its existing business solutions product set, with traditional LCR still being utilized in conjunction with EasiVoice on client sites.

Nashua Mobile’s EasiVoice solutions are competitively priced, with packages catering to businesses of different sizes. Features of the product include:

¬∑ Monthly subscriptions range from R440 to R3,300 per month, based on the client’s requirements. Monthly subscriptions include all equipment, installation, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment and, for ADSL customers, the cost of the data used in making the calls.

· The flexibility to allow customers, as their business needs change, to migrate up and down between tariff plans.

· Connectivity to the product is catered for either through ADSL, Diginet or even Primary Rate links if required. Nashua Mobile plans to launch wireless connectivity options soon.

¬∑ On-site maintenance is either managed by Nashua Mobile’s own technicians or through the service provider’s network of over 80 dealers.

Call rates are as low as R0,28 per minute for local Telkom calls, R0,39 for national Telkom calls and R0,95 to cellular numbers (All amounts exclude VAT). On-net (Nashua Mobile VoIP to Nashua Mobile VoIP) calls are billed at R0,11 per minute. Baker says that VoIP offers businesses a host of benefits in addition to the cost-savings it delivers. It is flexible technology that allows companies to deploy their voice and data services on a single converged network. It makes it simpler to provision and move extensions around than it is with an analogue PBX, as well as more cost effective and simpler to maintain networking infrastructure.

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