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My Gadget: Jen Su carries a Torch for gadgetry

Jen Su (a.k.a. Jennifer Su) is an accomplished TV news presenter on Summit TV and for African Business Report and Sky News. She is also a 5FM presenter on Gareth Cliff Mornings, with ‚The Hollywood Report with Jen Su,” an actress on M-Net Mzansi Channel’s “”Jacob’s Cross,”” a professional singer and corporate MC. We find out how her gadgets keep her one step ahead.

Jennifer Su began her career in her birthplace, the United States, where she performed classical piano and Chinese traditional dance on national television from the age of 7. Later, in her teens, she studied in Taiwan, where she won a national TV singing contest similar to Idols, and released four albums in Asia. She toured the world with her music and began to present various TV programmes in Taiwan and China, as well as prime-time news in Bangkok, Thailand, and Hong Kong, before coming to South Africa.

Jen Su with white BlackBerry Torch, newly launched in South Africa

1. What is the earliest gadget you can remember owning?

I had a state-of-the-art computer and cell phone when I was a teenager in the US. At that time it wasn’t common for kids to have computers and cellphones so it attracted a lot of attention! My family has always been very tech-oriented and my dad would always be the first to buy the latest computer or gadget.

2. What phone do you use and why?

I use a BlackBerry Torch in a gorgeous white colour — which has just been launched in South Africa. It’s the coolest phone and I’ve got lots of apps and BBM really helps keep in touch with those closest to me — and I can chat all over the world for free! I also have two BlackBerry Bold smartphones that I use in Asia and the USA. And I have a BlackBerry Curve which is my back-up phone, just in case.

3. What is your favourite gadget (aside from the above)?

My iPad is amazing. It keeps me on top of breaking news and it boots up and shuts down so quickly. I also love my Flip HD Videocam, my Garmin GPS, and my Nintendo 3DS. Oh, and I have four iPods and an iTouch that I love too!

4. What is your favourite online tool or useful site and why?

The global edition of the New York Times is always detailed and informative.

5. What is your favourite mobile tool or app and why?

Twitter for BlackBerry. It always keeps me up-to-date with what’s happening from all corners of the world and I’m able to communicate with my followers from all over the world.

6. What gadget do you wish would just go away?

Ha ha, I love all gadgets! Maybe except for those silly Tamagotchi digital “”pets””…

7. What is the best piece of gadget-buying or -using advice you can give to gadget consumers out there?

Don’t always feel pressured to buy the latest gadget out there. Do a bit of internet consumer research and ask your friends who have it to see if they’re satisfied. And if you are interested in buying a gadget but thinking of holding off till the newer version of it comes out – sometimes it’s best to just get it and not wait!

8. Which gadget are you looking forward to being launched in SA?

The BlackBerry Playbook. Can’t wait ’til it launches here in South Africa!

You can find Jen on Twitter:, on Facebook: and on her website:

Photo credit: Brendan Croft

Wardrobe by French Connection for Stuttafords

Hair by Claire Bradford of Jeauval Salon

Make-up by Bobbi Brown

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