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My Gadget: Chris Norton – 300kph is not fast enough

Chris Norton is regional director at VMware, one of the world leaders in cloud computing and virtualisation services. He also happens to own thousands of gadgets, and shares his philosophy about them…
Jen Su (a.k.a. Jennifer Su) is an accomplished TV news presenter on Summit TV and for African Business Report and Sky News. She is also a 5FM presenter on Gareth Cliff Mornings, with “The Hollywood Report with Jen Su,” an actress on M-Net Mzansi Channel’s “”Jacob’s Cross,”” a professional singer and corporate MC. We find out how her gadgets keep her one step ahead.
Ronnie Apteker, the original pioneer of the commercial Internet in South Africa and founder of Internet Solution, now in his second life as a movie producer, is working on his next production. He took time out to tell us about his favourite gadgets – which do not include cellphones!
We know his first name is Cliff and we know he has the ability to tweet the whereabouts of endless accidents, speed traps and stolen cars – all at the same time. He also tweets faster than most MECs can drive and he goes by the Twitter handle @pigspotter. SEAN BACHER asks PigSpotter about his favourite Gadgets.
In the second of our new series of My Gadget interviews, in which we ask opinion leaders in a variety of fields about their favourite gadgets, tools and apps, we feature BOB SKINSTAD, former Springbok rugby captain. He is now a popular radio broadcaster, and one of the few rugby commentators who keeps fans updated via Twitter. Feel free to tweet this!
Gadget is reintroducing an old favourite feature: My Gadget. We ask opinion leaders in a variety of fields about their favourite gadgets, tools and apps, along with advice for gadget buyers. Today we feature Aki Aki Anastasiou, host of the tech show Technobyte on Talk Radio 702, as well as a self-confessed “Weirdo, Trafficologist, Columnist, Speaker, Gadgeteer and Technologist”. He may mention the iPad in passing …
Reprinted by popular demand! In an exclusive interview, Britain`s best-selling author and the planet`s leading fantasy writer Terry Pratchett tell Gadget about the gadgets that help mould his writing…””,””body-href””:””””}]”

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