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My Gadget: Aki Anastasiou and his iPad

Gadget is reintroducing an old favourite feature: My Gadget. We ask opinion leaders in a variety of fields about their favourite gadgets, tools and apps, along with advice for gadget buyers. Today we feature Aki Aki Anastasiou, host of the tech show Technobyte on Talk Radio 702, as well as a self-confessed ‚Weirdo, Trafficologist, Columnist, Speaker, Gadgeteer and Technologist‚ . He may mention the iPad in passing ‚Ķ

1. What is the earliest gadget you can remember buying?

One of my earliest gadgets I purchased was a Casio Digital Diary. I was in high school at the time and it was one of those fancy personal organizers at the time where you could store phone numbers and diary entries. I can’t remember what I paid for it then, but it was expensive at the time. Who can forget the Casio Space Invader calculators‚Ķ used for maths of course!

2. What phone do you use and why?

I use an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry Bold. I love both devices‚Ķ I like the simplicity of the iPhone and the app store, and consuming multimedia is awesome on this device. My Blackberry Bold 9700 is my workhorse. This is such a reliable device, I do all my social networking, my email and also make calls. Both awesome devices and can’t do without either,

3. What is your favourite gadget (aside from the above)?

My iPad , My iPad, My iPad, My iPad. Oh, did I mention my iPad?

4. What is your favourite online tool or useful site and why?

Strangely I love, the url shortening tool… saves me tons of time. I also love where I can personalize my surfing experience.

5. What is your favourite mobile tool or app and why?

My favourite app is a photographic editor on the iPad called Photogene: so easy to use and it makes the iPad a very powerful device when editing photographs.

6. What gadget do you wish would just go away?

Chargers in general. My dream is to have batteries for devices that will power the device for the life of it.

7. What is the best piece of gadget-buying or -using advice you can give to gadget consumers out there?

Buying a gadget is like buying a car: make sure you feel completely comfortable using it and make sure you have researched all the pros and cons. Ask people who use it and always ask the question: is this something that will really make a difference to my life?

You can follow Aki on Twitter on @AkiAnastasiou

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