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MXit opens live chat with Jax Panik



Tomorrow at 16:00, South African music fans will be able to interact in a live chat with South African musician ‚ Jax Panik, through local social network ‚ MXit.

At 4pm on Thursday, 13 October, millions of South African music fans will be able to log on to Africa’s largest mobile social network, MXit, to participate in an exclusive live chat with South African musician, Jax Panik.

‚MXit users are in for a treat,‚ says Juan du Toit, Executive Head of International Business Development and Marketing for MXit. ‚We have pulled out all the stops to ensure that our users are able to get up close and personal with Jax Panik before he opens for David Guetta and AKON at St Yves Music Festival.‚

The chat session, open to all MXit users, will allow the community to have a direct and personal conversation with the somewhat elusive Jax Panik. MXit users will be able to queue to participate in the chat room or enter a viewing room to follow the live chat. Those queuing to enter will be able to see the questions being posed and the answers given.

MXit users can enter the chat by going to the St Yves Music Festival portal on MXit > Tradepost > Competitions > St Yves Music Festival > Celeb Chat.

MXit is the official social media partner for the event and as part of its commitment to SA fans, has also developed a special St Yves community on the platform.

The portal also allows MXit’s vast community to interact by sending ‚shout-outs’, which will be streamed live at the concert.

Since Friday last week, more than 52 000 music fans have signed up to the St Yves Music Festival portal on MXit.

Jax Panik will be kicking off the festivities at St Yves Music Festival, which features top global musician, David Guetta, AKON and US top 25 DJs Joe Bermudez and DJ Jenny LaFemme. The event will be held in Cape Town on 14 October and in Johannesburg on 15 October.

MXit has a global community of over 44 million registered user accounts. 75% of these are in South Africa.

To download MXit onto your mobile phone, go to

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