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MXit firm favourite amongst SA youth

MXit topped a formidable list of global players, including Facebook, Google, YouTube and Yahoo, as the top social networking platform amongst South African youth.

The wildly popular mobile social network, with over 20 million users, took first place as the best cell phone application, beating Facebook and other mobile applications like music, games and the Internet.

MXit also placed third in the Best Brand Slogans category for its catchy slogan ‚Join the Evolution.‚ Nike’s ‚Just Do It‚ came first and MTN’s ‚Ayoba‚ came second.

Over 5800 youth from six provinces were asked what they could not live without. Family came first, which shows a well-grounded South African youth population. Cell phones ranked second, followed by money, parents and MXit.

MXit is a true South African success story, attracting between 25 000 and 28 000 new registrations every day and its users send 10 times more messages per day, than the total global Tweets sent per day.

The survey was part of the Sunday Times Generation Next Survey.

Survey results:

Best Cell Phone Application:

1. MXit

2. Facebook

3. Music

4. Games

5. Internet

Social Networking:

1. MXit

2. Facebook

3. Google

4. Yahoo!

5. YouTube

Best Brand Slogans:

1. Nike ‚ Just Do It

2. MTN ‚ Ayobya

3. MXit ‚ Join The Evolution

4. adidas ‚ Impossible Is Nothing

5. Spur ‚ People with a taste for life

What Can’t You Live Without:

1. Family

2. Cellphone

3. Money

4. Parents

5. MXit

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