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MWEB further uncaps Business ADSL

MWEB Business has launched a fresh uncapped suite of business-class connectivity options designed to offer stability, redundancy and 24/7 technical service for businesses.

Called MWEB Business Uncapped ADSL Lite, the new solution delivers the stability, redundancy and round-the-clock technical service essential for any business, at a surprisingly low price. It is available in a choice of four line speeds from 1Mbps up to 10 Mbps.

According to MWEB Business GM Andre Joubert, Business Uncapped ADSL Lite is a logical addition to MWEB’s original suite of high-end uncapped Business ADSL products that the company introduced to the market some two years ago.

‚”By freeing businesses from the constraints of capped ADSL connectivity, MWEB changed the way businesses in South Africa use the Internet today. For example, it has made Cloud computing a feasible reality. In addition, thanks to uncapped Business ADSL, technologies like VoIP, video conferencing, remote back-up and archiving are no longer ‚’nice-to-haves’ but essential productivity enhancers for many businesses,‚” he says.

‚”However, we recognise that in today’s extremely tough economic conditions, there’s an enormous number of businesses that are being excluded from the Cloud revolution, because they cannot afford the high-end uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled business connectivity solutions currently available. And the low-end, consumer-type alternatives, are simply not suitable for business use.‚”

MWEB Business Uncapped ADSL Lite bridges this divide.

By harnessing the speed and power of MWEB’s robust network, it delivers the essential reliability, redundancy and 24/7 technical support businesses large and small have come to expect from MWEB Business.

‚”MWEB Business Uncapped ADSL Lite users will also experience unthrottled uncapped data downloads and uploads, and will receive a business-class router as part of the package. What they won’t get which users of our high-end business ADSL solution do is static IP addresses.

‚”In addition, the product is designed to prioritise business data over other types of traffic, such as peer-to-peer downloading,‚” Joubert explains. ‚”Non business-critical traffic will therefore not perform at the same levels as with our fully unshaped product.‚”

The new MWEB Business Uncapped ADSL Lite products are available as standalone solutions, or bundled with ADSL line rental.

Options include:

Data only (incl VAT)

With line rental (incl VAT)

Upto 1Mbps



Upto 2Mbps



Upto 4Mbps



Upto 10Mbps



Businesses that sign up now as a new customer will get the Data and Line Rental package for free until 1 Jan 2013 (excludes Telkom Voice line rental). Terms and conditions apply.


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