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MWEB cuts uncapped cost



MWEB Business has reduced the price of its uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled 10Mbps Internet connectivity package by R500 to R2999.

The entry level 1Mbps product has also been reduced to R759 (incl VAT, excl ADSL line rental), making it possible for businesses on a conservative budget to also afford a business class service.

In addition, MWEB Business has launched a 2Mbps Business ADSL uncapped solution. The product is available immediately and is competitively priced at R1199 (incl VAT, excl ADSL line rental).

At the same time, MWEB Business is giving businesses the ability to have more static IP addresses. All MWEB Business ADSL uncapped products currently come standard with five static IP addresses. It is now possible for businesses to obtain additional static IP addresses for a small fee.

‚”As businesses conduct a greater portion of their daily activities via the Internet, so the need for high-speed, reliable broadband access has grown. By Increasing the number of Fixed IP addresses that are available with their Business ADSL packages, businesses are able to leverage higher ADSL speeds, in order to do more,‚” says MWEB Business GM, Andre Joubert.

The new pricing will take effect from 1 September 2012 for existing MWEB Business 10Mbps and 1Mbps customers. New 10Mbps and 1Mbps customers will receive the reduced pricing immediately.

‚”By lowering the price of our high-end 10Mbps and entry level service, we are continuing to lead the way in giving South African businesses what they need to run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively,‚” Joubert adds.

He points out that MWEB Business connectivity services are prioritised to ensure the best possible Internet experience for business customers at all times.

‚”In addition, the redundancy built in to the service means that outages on a single international undersea cable, for example, seldom impact on our customers,‚” he concludes.


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