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MWEB automates data protection

MWEB has launched an automated backup solution that is deigned to accommodate multiple users running various types of desktops, notebooks and servers.

The oft-repeated management platitude that people are a business’s most valuable asset is wrong: data is.

That’s the view of Kris Desmet, Head of Product at MWEB Business who says that while the consequences of lost data can be relatively minor (having to re-input a document), it can also be catastrophic (having the entire debtor’s book corrupt or simply disappear).

A data back-up system can significantly remove the risk of severe (or minor) consequences arising from data loss. However, anytime recovery is possible only if reliable and well-managed backups are performed regularly.

Yet popular backup procedures often rely on data owners to back up data themselves while many companies employing backup measures tend to assign data management to IT personnel. This opens up the backup process to human error, which research shows is the factor that poses the highest risk to successful data backup.

‚”With a system as vulnerable as this, it’s not surprising that a disturbingly high percentage of data recoveries are unsuccessful,‚” Desmet adds.

Backup processes also have to contend with other challenges including disk, hardware and software malfunctions, which can render locally stored data copies inaccessible or useless.

‚”Even if you do backup regularly and the backup system is working perfectly, there is always a danger that the back-up device could be destroyed in a natural disaster or stolen. Then there’s the issue of ever-increasing data volumes that can lead to increased costs, a need for more and more hardware and inefficient data management.

‚”And what about the data that leaves the business’s premises every day? Backing up that ‚’orphan data’ can be virtually impossible without a unifying system,‚” he adds.

Now MWEB Business has launched a yet affordable, secure automated backup and recovery solution that addresses all these issues and more.

Powered by the Attix5 Pro system, it delivers fast, on-line, off-site storage that is easy to manage. Data recovery is exceptionally fast and simple with this centrally managed and policy-based solution.

‚”The system is also fully customisable, seamlessly scalable and accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers, regardless of their location,‚” Desmet says.

This new addition to the MWEB Business Cloud portfolio is available in two standard bundles:

Desktop bundle: 5GB + 1 Desktop Licence – R30.00 per month incl VAT

Server bundle: 30GB of Storage + 1 x Server Licence – R415.00 per month incl VAT

However, customisable variations of the solution are also available.


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