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MWC: Nokia, Samsung whip iPhone in content engagement

A survey of content engagement on the eve of Mobile World Congress produced surprising results on the relative performance of the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S II and Apple iPhone 4S.

As the Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona, all eyes are on the major smartphone brands.

CEM4Mobile Solutions, a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions and services for mobile operators and service providers, has given attendees some food for thought by asking, How do the flagship rank against each other in user engagement?

Specifcally, they analysed the flagship smartphone products from Nokia, Apple and Samsung to test how these ‘ecosystem drivers’ engage their owners in content services.

The research included sample data from 1 December 2011 to 19 February 2012 comprising 24.9 million transactions from 1.8 million users who executed 8.4 million visits with mobile optimised services in the Nordic countries.

“We wanted particularly to understand how equally the devices and their operating systems, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, are engaging their users,”” say CEM4Mobile. “”We selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which all enlighten engagement from different angles.””

The indicators are:

In addition, they analysed usage patterns on WiFi versus mobile data usage and for differences in how well the devices encourage their owners to access the services through multiple access channels namely WiFi, Internet APN and WAP Gateway.

The Results are highlighted in the following table:

Apple iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S II Nokia Lumia 800

Based on the KPIs, the fiercely competing devices reach the following positions on the engagement podium:

Apple iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S II Nokia Lumia 800


Results are encouraging for Nokia. Lumia took the first positions on all KPIs’ other than the Return Rate, where Samsung was able to take top position. Galaxy users are the most loyal towards these services and returned on average more than 7 times in the analysed ten-week period.

Results for Apple were surprisingly lame across all the KPIs. The flagship products from other vendors have been able to bypass iPhone in terms of service engagement. This may have something to do with the fact that Apple decided to postpone the iPhone 5 launch from 2011.

Lumia users show the greatest in-service figures, where the Lumia users consumed the highest amount of pages within a visit (3,67) and spent the longest time in the service.

iPhone users are the most aggressive WiFi connection users, with total of 65%of users visiting services through wireless hotspots. Lumia is likely to please mobile operators because the users seem to use considerably more mobile network as the access point (57%) compared to iPhone (35%) and Galaxy (51%) users.

This survey didn’t seek to measure market shares but the transaction figures show that iPhone is a hugely popular handset in the Nordic countries. However, Lumia was released to this market only in December and, in the light of the transactions, take up has been good.

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