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MWC: NEC offers traffic optimiser

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona yesterday, NEC kicked off global sales for a solution that reduces wasteful content transmission on smartphones.

NEC Corporation has announced the beginning of global sales for its ‚Traffic Optimising Solution‚ that reduces network traffic for telecommunication carriers by optimising the transmission volume of video data, compressing text and optimising static images to best suit specific mobile device capabilities and wireless environments.

In recent years, a rapid increase in data traffic due to the spread of smartphones and mobile devices has become an important issue. Video transmission represents a major part of this traffic increase. Since audiences frequently stop videos in the middle of transmission, a great deal of unwatched, partially transmitted data is increasing traffic and causing network interruption. Moreover, a large amount of image data that cannot be processed by certain devices is also wasted.

‚NEC’s Traffic Optimising Solution reduces network traffic by approximately 20% through customising the delivery of data for individual devices,‚ said Tsunehisa Enoki, executive specialist, NEC Corporation. ‚Once introducing the solution to a communication carrier’s network, data is delivered at a pace that is customised to the playback speed of each mobile device and its network status.‚

Key features of the Traffic Optimising Solution include:

1) Dynamic optimisation based on network bandwidth estimation This solution utilises technologies that estimate network bandwidth variations and was developed by NEC’s Central Research Laboratories. These technologies estimate the most appropriate transmission data volume based on past transmission volume. As a result, content is smoothly delivered at an optimised video transmission pace based on the estimated data volume.

2) Prevention of playback interruption Prior to transmitting data, the solution determines each terminal’s memory capacity/processing performance based on its terminal profile database. The solution then uses this information to control the rate of data flow to each terminal, which provides a stable viewing environment without playback interruption.

3) Text compression and image optimisation The solution supports lossless text compression that terminal functions can easily restore. In addition, it automatically selects the most appropriate image compression format and resolution based on each terminal’s capabilities. As a result, these functions reduce transmission data while maintaining high display quality.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to enhance its solutions for smartphones and mobile devices as part of enabling communications carriers to provide even more effective services.


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