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MWC: Ericsson CEO: Solving urban capacity is key issue

Ericsson CEO, Hans Vestberg has said that providing coverage in urban areas will become the biggest issue facing the mobile industry. He claims that the speed will be available, but the challenge is providing heterogeneous networks, able to cater for an array of different needs.

The CEO of Ericsson, Hans Vestberg, has cautioned that providing coverage in urban areas will become the biggest challenge facing the industry.

With the company being keen to promote the concept of the ‚network society’ ‚ where everything that can be connected will be ‚ Vestberg believes that networks will become a key differentiator for operators.

‚The networks speed will be there, but the challenge will be urban locations where we see a requirement for heterogeneous networks. These will need to work in a different way from today and be dimensioned differently,‚ said Vestberg. ‚We will be announcing products that go towards solving this issue.‚

Part of the solution involves smaller and smarter sites that are capable of being self- dimensioning, claims Vestberg, as well as the need for operators to divide data services into premium and non-premium services. ‚For example, there will be devices that need an SMS every quarter ‚ and then a fire-fighter that will require a live video stream using LTE. But operators should look at capturing the whole span of this market.‚

Perhaps aware of becoming complacent, Vestberg told Show Daily: ‚We need to re-invent ourselves to support the operators in building the network society ‚ this will be their greatest opportunity.‚

– Story courtesy of Mobile World Congress Show Daily

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