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MWC: Alcatel boosts One Touch range

TCL Communication, manufacturer of Alcatel One Touch smartphones unveiled three new devices at the Mobile World Congress. The One Touch Fire, which is the first phone to use the Mozilla Firefox operating system, the One Touch Snap and the One Touch LTE.

According to TCL, the focus in on simplicity, and “these phones make technology accessible and easy for first time users. They’re perfect for those who believe you shouldn’t need a PhD in computer science to be able to use a smartphone.”” However, simple doesn’t mean basic. One Touchphones in this series have hidden powers, like quad-core processors and world-first operating systems. The phones The One Touch Snap

Got game? The One Touch Snap certainly has. This little pocket-rocket packs a serious punch with the power of a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 42Mbps network speed and Wi-Fi display for big screen playbacks. The One Touch Snap is the super power of the series, it’s perfect for gaming or heavy lifting applications that need heightened processing power and a larger screen. Sporting an 8 megapixel camera (2 megapixel at the front), it’s perfect for first-timers – a great introduction to the joy and creativity a smartphone can foster. The One Touch Snap comes in three colours: Silver, Cloudy and White.

One Touch LTE

The One Touch LTE’s super power is lightning-speed 4G LTE Internet access. Great for online gaming, especially with the Wi-Fi display capabilities. Speaking of displays, the One Touch LTE offers a large display a 4.6-inch display. It’s the perfect place to show-off beautifully sharp photos taken on the 8 megapixel camera (2 megapixel at the front). The One Touch LTE has a dual core 1.4Ghz snapdragon chipset for efficiency and comes in four great colours: Bluish Black, Cloudy, Metallic Red and White.

The One Touch Fire (featuring the Mozilla Firefox OS)

As the world’s first smartphone to feature the Mozilla Firefox OS, it promises to gain a huge amount of attention in comparison to its tiny size 500 million Mozilla users can’t be wrong! Teeny tiny and super shiny, the One Touch Fire is an easy-to-choose, easy-to-use smartphone in a range of seven bright colours and a compact, pocket-friendly design. This entry-level, fun and bright smartphone is purpose built to deliver a simple, smart, easy-to-use first time smartphone experience. It’s the perfect choice for those moving gently from a feature phone to a smartphone the large 3.5 inch display makes for a smooth HTML5 experience and apps are discovered in context while you surf the web! The One Touch Fire features the popular Firefox web browser: a 3.2 Megapixel camera: and a 1GHz processor for smooth browsing. One Touch Fire is proud to offer the first Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone, the One Touch Fire is already being embraced by partners across the globe.

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