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MTN uncapped max to stay

Following on the success of MTN’s uncapped internet promotion, which begun in October last year, MTN will permanently increase its maximum speed limits.

As from the 1st of February 2012, the unlimited internet promotion ends but customers on MTN Uncapped Internet packages are in for a surprise. Users of MTN Uncapped Lite packages will be moving from a familiar limit of 128kbps to up to 256kbps after the 3GB limit is reached. Uncapped Pro packages users will also feel the Ayoba difference, with a maximum speed limit lift from 128kbps to up to 384kbps after the 10GB limit is reached. MTN is the only mobile network operator in South Africa to offer uncapped internet packages.

The current promotion, which attracted customers from all walks of life, began on 1 October 2011 and ran until 31 January 2012. It was a response to customer demands for faster and reliable Internet access at an affordable fixed monthly cost. It was truly uncapped, no restriction or limit internet. The amount of data uploaded and downloaded from the internet during this promotion is astounding. This is testament to the quality and reliability of MTN’s Broadband offering and world class network.

‚It was impressive to see the consumption rate – which certainly speaks to the value customers are getting from this R289 p/m promotional package,‚ said Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN South Africa. ‚The term ‚uncapped’ data has been bandied around in the industry ‚ but this is truly the most competitive unlimited internet promotion on offer today.‚

This promotion’s success has been the impetus of MTN’s decision to suspend the Fair Use policy, meaning customers on these packages could upload and download data as much as they wanted from the internet.

This means that customers on MTN Uncapped Lite & Pro packages will be subject to a fair use policy again after the promotion, which ended on 31 January 2012, but will be limited at higher speeds than previously. These products have been designed for uncapped internet browsing, email, some video and music streaming and social networking. However customers are discouraged from continuously downloading peer-to-peer files such as movies. The benefit is that MTN will still be in line with the new Broadband standards in terms of the speed limits on Fair Use policies.

‚If we consider the data that customers are currently using, it is a key milestone for us, and one that is indicative of the potential of uncapped internet on our world-class quality network,‚ Taukobong added.

MTN understands the needs of its customers are changing and is committed to not only enhancing the customer experience but also ensuring that subscribers get phenomenal value for their money.


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