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MTN cuts cost of roaming across own ‘footprint’

MTN has introduced its Roam like Home service that enables all its customers to keep in touch with family and friends at affordable rates while travelling in any of the 21 countries that it operates in.

“One of the biggest concerns people have when travelling abroad is how much they will have to pay for phone calls, SMSs, and accessing the internet while roaming. The dreaded bill shock when returning home has severely impacted how people stay in touch,” says Brian Gouldie, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN South Africa.

To address this problem, MTN customers will pay a standard rate of R2.50 when making local calls in the foreign destination. SMS’s will cost 75c per message, data is charged at R2 per MB, calls received from home will be charged at R2.50 and calls back home or to other international destinations will be charged at R5.00 per minute. And more importantly, no opt in fees are charged.

“While it is a proudly South African organisation, MTN has expand significantly over the past 20 years to now have an extensive footprint across the continent. This offering provides our customers with easy access to a bold new digital world,” says Brian Gouldie, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN South Africa.

This service applies to any mobile device on the MTN network so smartphone, tablet, and laptop users can draw immediate benefit. Customers just need to ensure that they are roaming on the MTN network when in a country that has an MTN presence otherwise normal roaming rates will apply. In addition, local data bundles will not be depleted while roaming.

“This shows how MTN is committed to providing its customers with cost-effective solutions that leverages its experience and proud legacy in the operator market,” concludes Brian Gouldie, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN South Africa.

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