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MSI launches new notebooks

Micro-Star International (MSI) will soon be launching a number of notebooks in South Africa, catering for a variety of needs. In addition to this, MSI showcased three new concept PCs at CES, which the company believes will redefine the way consumers will interact with digital information in their homes.

MSI notebook marketing director, Sam Chern says the full range of new products on show at the recent 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2010) in Las Vegas included the light and portable Wind U Series, the high performance audio/video G & GE Series, the classically stylish C Series, the ultra-thin and elegant X-Slim Series. These will be available in South Africa during the course of 2010.

The concept products displayed at CES included the 3D All-in-One PC, the Sliding Screen All-in-One PC with LED technology and the Projector PC.

MSI has developed a 3D All-in-One PC. Wearing wireless 3D glasses, users can have the ultimate life-like gaming experience and 3D HD movie experience from the comfort of home with system’s 24-inch display.

MSI’s new concept Sliding Screen All-in-One PC with LED technology allows the user to slide the screen up and store the keyboard behind it when not in use saving valuable desktop space. The system also comes with a wireless mouse that can be used as a remote control and can also be used as an IP-phone.

Combing a projector with the a PC, the MSI Projector PC is a full-featured PC that instead of a screen includes a built-in HD-quality projector that allows users to project on any wall in their house. Instead of being huddled around a computer, or crowding a TV in the living room, the Projector PC projects up to 60 inches of full HD content. The Projector PC is designed to project directly on a wall or screen, or by using its attachable stand, be rotated 90 degrees to turn any ceiling into an alternative movie experience.

Two recent additions to the All-in-One PC range are the Wind Top AE2400 and the AE2220 Hi-Fi. The AE2400 AIO PC has a 24-inch diagonal LCD screen with full high definition resolution and features multi touch ‚ maximised touch-screen capabilities. It combines high computing performance with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 graphics card, Blu-ray, optical digital audio connections, Gigabit ethernet, four USB ports and a number of other capabilities. Equipped with full-range, right/left channel 5W hi-fi, it uses high-grade magnesium-aluminium alloy membrane speakers to provide an extensive range of professional-grade audio. With up to 8W dynamic range, volume is increased by 3-6 dB, creating an immersive audio experience.

Available in South Africa later this year, the Wind U160 features the latest Intel Pine Trail platform. Yet to be released and having made its first appearance at CES, the ultra-thin 10.1″ Wind U160 netbook has already caused a stir by winning an “”Oscar of the design world””, a 2010 iF Product Design Award. The Wind U135 features MSI’s exclusive Chiclet keyboard, and the newest Color Film Print coating in 4 colours: Trendy Blue, Refined Silver, Cherry Red, and Wind Dancer Black. To celebrate several million sales of the U Series netbooks since their introduction to the market, MSI will offer a special release Trendy Blue and Cherry Red U135 Special One Million Edition.

The full range of MSI’s X-Slim notebook computers has undergone a major evolution with the release of the 13″” X350 & X360, the 14″” X420, the 15.6″” X600Pro, and the winner of an Oscar of the design world, an iF Product Design Award, the X620. Revealed for the first time at CES 2010, the new X-Slim products feature the Intel CULV platform with Intel Core 2 Duo processors that offer high performance processing power and ultra-long battery life. Also, MSI’s exclusive Chiclet keyboard and a Color Film Print coating make the high end exterior design even more exquisite.

Winner of an iF Design Award, the X620 features a 15.6″” LED display, a fuselage of less than 1″” thick, built-in Blu-ray player, discrete graphics card, and around 10 hours of battery life. The 13″” X350 and X360 especially take advantage of MSI’s exclusive and stylish engraving technology by integrating geometric lines and diamond patterns to create a glittering diamond design that dazzles the eyes. The new generation 14″” X420 features a discrete graphics card with 1GB DDR3 VRAM and MSI 3D Boost technology. The X420 further supports two of the latest network communications technologies, 3.5G and WiMAX, so the user can enjoy a truly mobile networked lifestyle.

In line with Intel’s recent launch of its 2010 Intel Core family of processors, MSI revealed its gaming models featuring the latest generation Intel Calpella platform, including the 17″” GT740 & GX740, the 17.3″” GE700, the 15.4″” GT640 & GX640, and the 16″” GE600. All feature the Intel New Core processor family and built-in, high end discrete graphics cards. Compared to last year’s notebooks, overall performance has increased over 30 percent, and 3D graphics and image and processing power has improved by 50 percent.

The MSI G Series GX640, GX740, GE600, and GE700 have experienced a software evolution that traverses generations and all feature Intel’s Intel Core i5 dual core processor, a high end ATi Mobility Radeon HD high performance 3D discrete graphics card (1GB VRAM), and support Direct X 11 to allow for display performance that far surpasses any previous specifications.

MSI’s all-new Classic Series notebook models from 14″” to 17.3″” include the CR420, CR620, and CR720 and feature inter-generational evolutions in hardware and software configured for outstanding display composition and improved operational performance. The all-new MSI Classic Series notebooks come with Intel’s Intel Core i5 dual core processors that offer 30 percent better performance than traditional notebooks. With Turbo Boost technology, the appropriate allocation of system resources results in unparalleled high performance limits.

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