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Motorola T720

These days, people don’t just want to make and receive calls on their cellphones. They want to browse the ‚Net, check there mail, schedule appointments and even download new applications. SEAN BACHER tests the new Motorola T720 which performs all these functions and more.

Like any cellphone before you can use it you need to charge up the battery. You also need to set the time and other preferences before you can begin making and receiving calls. Once that’s done you can begin making and receiving calls. You can also send and receive messages. If you want to use the phone to its full potential and synchronise it with your PC, then you need to install the included software and plug the phone into your PC. Then you have to make a few minor adjustments and tell the TrueSync software which program you want to synchronise with. If you want to download new Java applications and games or browse the Internet, then prepare yourself, because you are going to be punching in IP addresses, gateway addresses, usernames and passwords.

Thanks to the icon-orientated menu, four-way direction pad and colour screen ‚ using this Motorola is a breeze. Browsing the menus is dead easy and changing settings is also a walk in the park. You may take a while to get used to the new menu layout, but after a couple hours use, you will know it backwards. The T720 lets you assign four functions to the four-way direction pad. For example you can press up to write a new message, down to check your call register, left to check your calendar and right to enter the settings menu. These shortcuts can be customised to your liking, and once set up correctly, accessing your most used application will be as easy as pressing one key.

Yip, it did all it says it can do. We even found a couple of Java games pre-installed on the phone. One was Motor-GP, which gave us endless hours of entertainment during the annual company budget meeting.

Unfortunately we can’t say much for the innovative side of things, all the features presented on the T720 are already available on other phones.

AT R5 000 we would say it’s quite an expensive phone. But wait a couple of months and the service providers will be throwing them at you with every contract you buy.

The Motorola T720 is available at all major cellular distributors nation-wide.

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