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Motorola promises music lover’s dream

Motorola has introduced an affordable new “candy bar”” handset that it describes as a music lover’s dream. The MOTO W230 features a 1Gb MP3 music player, long-lasting battery life, and … support for seven African languages.

At a recommended retail price of R699, Motorola’s new MOTO W230 lowers the bar ‚ at least as far as price of a phone/MP3 player goes.

‚The MOTO W230 is a music lover’s dream,‚ said Michael Karasinski, General Sales Manager for Mobile Devices, South Africa. ‚This affordable music candy bar phone, with its clean lines and slim design, delivers music on-the-go. Equipped with MP3 and up to 1 GB of removable memory, this phone is ready to rock your world.‚

The MOTO W230’s key features include:

The memory card allows the user to store up to 500 songs on the optional removable microSD card. The key to its success, of course, will be the music management software. If it doesn’t compare with iTunes, it can’t compete in this market segment.

Other popular features in this compact, slimline device are:

As with the W180 released last year, predictive text support for a range of African languages sets this phone apart from the rest, although that is, of course, not the main reason people would buy it. But, in combination with the price and music-specific features, it does point the way to a future where most music sales on this continent will be via digital downloads to cellphones.

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