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As E-Commerce in South Africa continues to grow, Jump Shopping has observed a few key aspects of the online shopping industry, specifically focusing on how shoppers interact online and what they want from a price comparison website.

A finding is with so many online shops offering great deals, it’s hard to keep track of all of them. FindPrice was launched in order to align the requirements of consumers with that of E-Commerce shops by listing products of South African online shops in one location.

FindPrice is a new online shopping initiative launched by Jump Shopping.

Over the years the needs of the consumer has changed: life got busy and expensive. Consumers don’t have hours to spend sifting through various web results or surfing various websites to compare prices. They need fast, accurate and convenient results in one location in order to compare prices, and this is what FindPrice offers. All products are categorised making searches easier for shoppers and ensuring they find the right product quickly and easily. New and extensive filters have been implemented within searches and offers are matched and grouped on a single page, enabling consumers to compare prices and make decisions knowing they have found the best price on offer.

FindPrice attended to a few other consumer requirements including customer security by offering ‚Verified Shops’, where online shops have to meet a strict set of criteria in order to be verified by FindPrice. They also insist that each of their online shops disclose details such as a shop description, a contact method, delivery details and payment methods, which are publicly available in the shop directory, allowing consumers to determine if they feel secure in purchasing from them. Another requirement FindPrice addressed is cost and how consumers could ensure they are getting the best overall deal. FindPrice indicates which offers qualify for free shipping in the search results, and conveniently shoppers can filter offers to only show those that qualify for free shipping.

FindPrice also offers an easy way to keep track of price drops through setting price alerts and keeping track of the price trend by means of the price history graphs. There is also an option to save products to a list in order to come back later to those specific products without having to search all over again.

Times are tough and life is too short to waste searching for a good deal. FindPrice makes it easier for shoppers to find the best price from the best shop quickly and conveniently. This is only the beginning, and as consumer needs evolve FindPrice will continue to expand. One of the upcoming new features to look forward to is FindPrice Mobile, offering added convenience for on-the-go shoppers. will remain active for the next few weeks until the transition to FindPrice is completed. In future, will act as a content site focused on E-Commerce, bringing shoppers news as well as the much anticipated and ever competitive annual South African E-Commerce Awards.


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