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More battery life without the bulk

Gammatek has introduced the BoostCase Hybrid, a battery case that extends your iPhone’s battery life without compromising its stylish aesthetics.

Battery cases are usually associated with unwieldy, bulky designs, however, BoostCase has endeavoured to provide the opposite: a design that is funky, complimentary and packed with features.

The BoostCase Hybrid is in essence a combination of two products: a slim, form fitting snap-on protective hard case ‚ available in an array of stunning colours – and a battery charger attachment (in black or white) bundled with a micro USB cable.

Usage is also very simple: the extended battery case, which offers a whopping 1,900 mAh charge, can be removed once the iPhone has been charged without having to leave the phone completely unprotected.

Attachment is very easy: just lock-on in the back of the case and slide it into the dock connector port of the iPhone. Once attached, you’ll have a slightly bulkier version of your phone which at the same time charges and protects it.

The extended battery adds around 90 percent of extra power and takes approximately an hour and a half to transfer all of the power to the iPhone. Recharging the BoostCase charger takes approximately three hours.

‚While The BoostCase Hybrid does add a bit of extra bulk it still manageable and portable, plus when you’r iPhone is fully charged, simply remove the battery and you are left with a convenient, good looking case,‚ says Zek Cherniak from Gammatek.

The BoostCase for iPhone 4/4s offers the following great benefits:

– Removable battery:

– Great colours to choose from: – Significant battery power (1,900 mAh): and

– Portability

The BoostCase Hybrid with a pair case retails for R799 and should you wish to change the colour of your pair case, you can purchase them separately for R149 each.


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