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Monitor is cool , twice over

Cool, sleek , sexy device from NEC comes in the form of its new desktop monitor. Its sleek design conceals its many features and there are no buttons on the monitor as they have been replaced by touch sensors seated in the bezel from where the settings are changed to the user’s personal preference.

‚It ‚s so cool‚ . A phrase familiar to all parents of teenagers. Except, now the phrase has become corporate lingo as well. And it means exactly that, if you understand both languages!

‚Personally I would use ‚sexy’ instead of ‚cool’ to describe the new NEC EX231W desktop monitor, but in corporate language that is not allowed,‚ says Lizette McIntosh, Visual Display Specialist at Mustek, ‚so better descriptors would include ‚really good-looking’, ‚modern’, ‚minimalistic’, ‚neutral’, ‚aesthetically pleasing’, ‚ageless’, and the rest we will leave up to the beholder‚ .

The sleek and simple design conceals its many features. Compliant with the ‚touch‚ trend, there are no buttons on the monitor, having been replaced by touch sensors seated in the bezel from where the settings are changed to the user’s personal preference.

The ultra thin frame allows for the image to take precedence and removes the bulk of traditional monitors off the desk. The flexibility to remove the monitor from its stand allows for wall or pillar mounting, providing even more desk space where necessary.

According to Craig Butterworth, Sales Manager for NEC South Africa, share traders and brokers will love the fact that the light weight and slim bezels of the monitor make it the ideal solution where multiple monitors set up in horizontal wall-like format are required. The clarity and quality together with the ability to adjust the brightness are all dream features for any number cruncher. Eye fatigue is barely an issue anymore.

It also comes with the new buzz-phrase, ‚future-proof‚ . That means it contains all the newest input connections ‚ DVI-I, DisplayPort providing full HD output, as well as a USB connection to attach a camera for video conferencing, right in the middle on top of the monitor.

The ergonomic features are rich: a tiny stand: low wattage LED backlight to save on power consumption: human sensors which automatically adjust the luminance of the monitor ‚ something like ‚sleep-mode’ which automatically comes alive when motion is detected. Power means heat emission, sothe monitor runs very cool.

Says Butterworth, ‚I am extremely proud that in keeping with tradition, the EX231W is taking cognisance of ecological requirements and hence meets the highest standards of low energy consumption: complete recyclability and TCO specifications.‚

Now that really is a cool device.

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