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Mobile quit smoking service reaches SA



QuiText has launched its text message support programme in South Africa. Now smokers trying to give up will have no place to hide…

South Africans now have success to QuiText’s SMS support programme for smokers wanting to quit.

Smokers in South Africa today are facing unprecedented pressure to quit the habit from advertising and social peers and a gradual shift in global awareness. Many smokers have either tried to quit or want to, but many attempts end in failure due to busy lifestyles, lack of preparation or support. According to QuiText founder, Chris Jones, many people who want to quit are simply put off by authority telling them what to do all the time.

“As an ex-smoker, I can sympathise with what many smokers who want to quit are going through. It can be truly exhausting trying to rationalise why you continue to smoke in the face of overwhelming evidence that shows it’s really a bad idea.”” Jones said.

“”At QuiText we’re trying to cut to the chase and provide a simple, optimistic approach to quitting which doesn’t conjure up the feelings of dread many smokers feel when seriously considering giving up. It’s about starting afresh and not looking back.””

QuiText is based in Sydney and was founded in 2007. The QuiText website and text message service provides smokers with the motivation and support they need to quit smoking and embark on a smoke-free life.

• For more information about QuiText, visit its website at

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