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Mobile calls from 29 cents per minute

Telkom Mobile has launched Sim-Sonke, a prepaid tariff plan that offers the lowest standard mobile call rates in the country.

Sim-Sonke, is a per second prepaid tariff plan available exclusively on the Telkom Mobile Network. Sim-Sonke customers will pay 29 cents per minute on per second billing for calls to any Telkom Mobile SIM number and 75 cents per minute to any SA mobile and national land line numbers (Telkom and Neotel).

In addition to the lowest call rates, Sim-Sonke customers will be able to make free unlimited calls to other Sim-Sonke subscribers from 9pm to 6am extending the night time benefit window.

South Africans are currently grappling with a high cost of living: consumers are now paying the highest they have ever paid for petrol, which has a direct effect on public transport and food prices. Add to that the planned introduction of e-tolls in Gauteng and high telephony costs and consumers are buckling under the weight.

Attila Vitai, Telkom Mobile Managing Director said: ‚”As the mobile division on the country’s oldest and largest telecommunications company, we believe we have a responsibility to drive the affordable telephony agenda. By introducing the Sim-Sonke pre-paid product we are able to offer a dramatically low call rate and leave the South African consumer with a little extra in their pocket.‚”

The launch of Sim-Sonke follows on the introduction of the pre-paid Unlimited Voice offer. As with unlimited voice this is the first prepaid voice offer of its kind in the country. ‚”True to our strategy to shake up the voice market, we are introducing a no frills offering to address consumers’ needs for affordable voice connectivity.‚”

Vitai continues to say that Telkom Mobile is excited about this offering and believes that it will make a real difference in cash-strapped consumers’ lives.

Telkom Mobile is able to make this offer so attractive is the fact that it is only available on the Telkom Mobile Network. By implementing a low cost model Telkom Mobile is able to pass cost savings on to the consumer.

The true beauty of Sim-Sonke lies in its promotion of sharing, which is true to the South African concept of community. The Sim-Sonke starter pack, which costs R0.99 and is available at Telkom stores and participating Shoprite Checkers stores, has two SIM cards enabling the buyer to keep one and give the other to a person that they call a lot. By sharing SIM cards and encouraging others in their personal networks to also join Sim-Sonke, customers can unearth the benefits that Sim-Sonke offers such as the free unlimited calls to other Sim-Sonke numbers.

Where in the past consumers had to resort to using multiple SIM cards in order to benefit from lower call rates and waiting until unreasonable hours in order to make a phone call, with Sim-Sonke simplifies the process to getting the lowest prepaid calls. Best of all consumers will get the maximum benefit just by doing what comes naturally – sharing.


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