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Mobile broadband – a viable alternative to fixed line

Mobile broadband routers are becoming more and more popular ‚ especially as a backup or alternative to standard fixed line broadband. For this reason Ericsson and Netgear have joined forces to expand their mobile broadband solutions into market segments such as home, SoHo and semi nomadic user scenarios.

Mobile network connections for routers are becoming increasingly popular in many countries as a backup for or alternative to wired broadband. Ericsson and Netgear have teamed to expand the mobile broadband market into new application areas and user segments, helping mobile operators generate higher revenues as their customers realise more reasons to use 3G networks for multiple data applications.

Michael Clegg, vice president and general manager of the Netgear Service Provider business unit, says: “We are thrilled to cooperate with Ericsson, the global leader in 3G mobile broadband network technology. This collaboration furthers our position with mobile operators, and the resulting mobile platform can be migrated to higher speeds and enabled with added features going forward. It is a clear win-win partnership.””

Mats Norin, head of Mobile Broadband Modules at Ericsson, added: “”Mobile broadband connectivity over HSPA in routers opens up new opportunities in yet-untapped home, SoHo and semi nomadic user scenarios. We are excited to deliver mobile broadband connectivity to a new segment, home network routers for Netgear.””

The new router from Netgear combines HSPA technology with 802.11n wireless and Ethernet LAN. It sports 270 Mbps on the wireless LAN side and a full-featured firewall. It also allows fast large file downloads and real time media playback of high-quality digital movies, photos and MP3s.

3G/HSPA mobile broadband technology is deployed in more than 300 networks in more than 130 countries. Besides delivering the network infrastructure and services, Ericsson also provides mobile broadband modules for HSPA. To date, Ericsson has officially announced agreements with LG, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo and Sony.

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