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Mobile advertising coming to bolt users

Two million BOLT users on the African continent are set to benefit from an agreement announced today with BuzzCity, which will see the mobile browser delivering mobile advertising content.

Users from 51 countries across the African continent including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa will have advertising messages served to their mobile phones, while at the same time creating a unique revenue stream for BOLT‚Ñ¢ parent company NASDAQ listed Bitstream.

BOLT joins 2500 other publishers from around the world that are part of the BuzzCity Mobile Advertising Network.

‚Advertising is a strong complement to many of the features offered within BOLT, allowing Bitstream to create a new revenue stream without interfering with the browsing experience or charging for downloads,‚ said Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, CEO of Bitstream. ‚Bitstream has been seeking the right partner for adding advertising to BOLT, and found that regions in which BOLT has its largest numbers of users align perfectly with where BuzzCity’s ad inventories is also strongest. In particular, India and Indonesia, two of BOLT’s largest markets, are countries where BuzzCity delivers the largest number of paid advertisements.‚

‚Advertisers are constantly seeking more channels to reach the right consumer, and mobile browsers such as BOLT are the perfect fit,‚ said KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity. ‚BOLT is finding large numbers of users in developed and developing markets, and thus has wide appeal for advertisers. In developing markets, BOLT is the primary medium by which a person can browse the Internet, making BOLT the only online platform many advertisers can use to reach consumers.‚

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