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Million MB with Smart TV

Samsung recently partnered with Vox Telecom to provide customers who buy a new smart TV with a million megabytes of data which is valid for a year.

From last month, every Samsung Smart TV purchased through participating retailers, will come with 1 million free MBs of data from Vox Telecom, which is valid for a year and is unthrottled, unshaped, premium grade ADSL. The free data is equivalent to being able to stream up to 60 000 videos and watch up to 1 000 movies as well as connect via social media, email, chat and surf the internet. With 1 million MBs, users will be able to discover a whole new world on their Smart TVs.

According to Ansgar Pabst, Business Lead TV/AV, Samsung Electronics SA, the television is more than just a screen ‚Äî it provides new experiences, discoveries and possibilities. “As a global pioneer in innovation, Samsung allows businesses and their customers to connect at every touch point. We provide our customers with hardware and software solutions, as well as content and services. This partnership with Vox Telecom will allow us to create even smarter solutions for our consumers,” says Pabst.

As a technology leader we strive to supply premium quality bandwidth at a lower cost, and we believe it is key to develop data service solutions that will enhance the consumer’s viewing experience and our partnership with Samsung, gives us the opportunity to not only provide free data but also contribute to the new world of TV in South Africa,” says Gary Sweidan, Executive Head of Products and Marketing, Vox Telecom.

Samsung believes in partnerships that create value. This collaboration opens an exciting new market, and working together with Vox Telecom has enabled us to change the way people live their lives and impact their overall technology experience,” says Pabst.

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