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McIntosh audio now in SA



One of the world’s oldest and most respected brands of high-end performance audio equipment, McIntosh, is now available in South Africa and is being distributed by The HFX Group.

‚”The McIntosh legend dates back as far as 1949, when the label was first founded. The company’s reputation was originally built on the design and production of high performance McIntosh amplifiers for home applications. However, today, McIntosh produces a wide range of audio equipment that is suitable for both home and professional applications, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, lifestyle products, processors, speakers, cables, and specialised audio equipment for luxury cars,‚” explains Marc Feiertag from The HFX Group.

Entrenched in the history of rock ‚’n roll

The loyalty from the music community really started to gain momentum for McIntosh in the 1960s, after McIntosh amplifiers powered the famous original Woodstock Festival, providing three days of peace, love and rock ‚’n roll to the hundreds of thousands who attended. ‚”The Grateful Dead also used McIntosh to make music history when they unveiled the ‚”Wall of Sound‚” on 24 March 1974 at the San Francisco Cow Palace with 28 800 watts of McIntosh amplifier power,‚” notes Marc.

Over the decades, many famous musicians and recording artists and producers have selected McIntosh audio systems for the rich quality of sound, designed to allow music to be experienced the way the artist intended. Today, some McIntosh legends comprise legendary rock producer, Tony Visconti, Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Ralph Johnson from iconic Earth, Wind and Fire, and Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys, who has been an avid McIntosh fan since the 1960s.

A matter of value

A new McIntosh requires one or more years to design, test and develop to the point where it meets performance expectations, says Marc: ‚”History has shown that the average lifespan of a McIntosh may well turn out to be equivalent, or even longer than that of its owner. When you invest in McIntosh, you are not only investing in the brand’s vast experience and excellent reputation for providing unequalled sound quality, but the inherent value of McIntosh equipment is another very desirable attribute of the brand McIntosh components have proven to retain the highest resale value of any other brand on the market globally. Many of their vintage components remain highly coveted and collectable pieces of equipment, just like vintage sports cars.‚”

McIntosh amplifiers

Power amplifiers are the driving force behind any great system, as well as being the backbone of the McIntosh brand. ‚”McIntosh amplifiers are especially well revered for blending eye-catching aesthetics, power and sonic integrity in a way that has been capturing the imagination of music lovers and home theater enthusiasts for decades. Whether your desires run towards solid state or tubes, in stereo, monoblock or multi-channel configurations, McIntosh has your audio amplifier solution. McIntosh amplifiers boast the trademark glass faceplates and the signature blue amplifier power meters a design trait that has not changed since they were first introduced in the 1970s and have since solidified the quintessential McIntosh look,‚” concludes Marc.


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