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Mate50 Pro changes image paradigm

Images have become the common language of today, and Huawei ‘s Xmage helps showcases a new era of innovation.

Images have become the common language of today, and mobile phones play an increasingly significant in how the world communicates.

That’s the view of Li Changzhu, vice president of strategy marketing at Huawei Consumer Business Group.

He says the Huawei Mate50 Pro breaks visual boundaries through its revamped imaging system, and in particular the Ultra Aperture Xmage Camera.

“The smartphone is testimony that its imaging innovation is nothing short of remarkable.”

Through Xmage, Huawei showcases a new era of innovative mobile imagery, which offers consumers a superior user experience.

The Mate50 Pro’s large display, powerful battery, premium design and high performance all facilitate a smart and seamless digital immersion, while the camera unlocks new capabilities, thanks to advances in the optical system and mechanical structure.

According to Huawei, the Mate50 pro has four technical pillars that heighten the user experience by offering consumers a new shooting paradigm: an optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing.

“Xmage fuses science with culture, and aesthetics with technology,” says Li Changzhu.

What makes the camera so special? Huawei breaks it down into these three key factors:

An image engine that exceeds expectations

“The Ultra Aperture Xmage Camera system on the Huawei Mate50 Pro has been upgraded across the board. The technology brand’s multi-size variable aperture design for its optical system, supports 10-size adjustments to the physical aperture through adjustable blades.

“With the Ultra Aperture Xmage Camera, the Huawei Mate50 Pro allows you to capture quality images, during the day and night and auto-adjusts the aperture to meet the needs of any moment. The image algorithms have also been upgraded by adopting an XD Fusion Pro ultra-HD image engine and computing optics that exceed physical limits, for clearer and more detailed images.

Customisable photographic styles suited for various expressions

“The Xmage filters, including Original, Vivid, and Bright, brings beautiful image styles that complement the new Ultra Aperture Xmage Camera. The Original filter captures true-to-life colours, textures and details; and the Vivid filter captures striking scenes with innovative imaging system, dialling up the contrast between bright and dark areas. The Bright filter improves dark shots by balancing light and clear contrasts.

Shooting modes that are designed to improve your skills

“The Huawei Mate50 Pro builds on already industry-leading photography across eight shooting scenarios, including True-To Life shots amplified by the choice between physical and Virtual Aperture, Super Night, Telephoto Shot, Cinematic-like, Super Macro, Fine Portrait, Large-dynamic-range, and Snapshot, helping users capture the most important moments in their lives.

“Amongst other outputs, these shooting modes enable users to capture detail with unimaginable precision, broaden views to capture vast landscapes, and generate optical-level blurring for subjects to stand out. In addition to the shooting modes, other technologies such as image stabilisation, autofocus, and depth sensing, have also played a significant role in improving the smartphone’s imaging.”

Overall, the evolution of the Huawei Mate50 Series’ imaging technology has been driven by a combination of hardware and software advancements. As technology continues to evolve, Huawei says, it will continue to improve its cameras, further blurring the line between professional cameras and the cameras we carry in our pockets.

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