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mapIT finds Cellfind

Cellfind has partnered with mapIT enable Cellfind to extend its services and expand into new markets in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cellfind has built a name for itself in the industry by providing mobile phone tracking, traffic updates, corporate solutions, asset tracking, SMS emergency alerts and panic assistance. The company’s wireless application services allows for quick, efficient and cost effective bi-directional communication with their customers, while their range of value added services allow mobile phone users to run a wide range of applications and maximise their phone’s features. These services include products such as Vodacom Look4Me and Look4Help, MTN’s WhereRU and 2MyAid as well as other services such as miTRAFFIC, miMUSIC and miPRAYER.

The venture will involve Cellfind using mapIT’s GIS (Geographic Information System) platform in order to extend its range of services to new customers.

‚’We will be using mapIT’s infrastructure in order to get to the end user,’ explains Quentin Joubert, product manager of Cellfind. He explains further that the partnership with mapIT will also enable Cellfind to vastly improve its location based application with feature rich capabilities to increase the value to the customer and proposition to the Mobile Network Operator (MNO). ‚’We are also delighted to announce that mapIT will be the preferred GIS supplier for the Cellfind LBS (Location Based Services) hosting solution for Africa.’

‚’The MNO will be able to remotely access our data centres and provide LBS rich services to their clients. This is a significant technological development for Africa as many operators do not have their own CAPEX/OPEX LBS infrastructure or budget to invest to be able to tap into the Africa LBS market promise. Much of the market is also prepaid,’ says Joubert.

mapIT will be using its deCarta technology platform which is widely recognised as the leading independent enabler of location based services for mobile network operators, mobile device OEMs and local media companies.

‚’This is an exciting development,’ says Etienne Louw Managing Director of mapIT. ‚’Not only will the partnership allow Cellfind to take its tried and tested applications elsewhere but it will be able to offer new services as our platform can provide richer functionality, so even local users will notice an improved and more detailed service.’


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