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Manage calls on the move

The majority of us don’t spend that much time in front of our desk. We are usually out attending meetings, functions or presentations. Thus, we are hardly ever near our desk phones. This causes a bit of a problem as people never know where to contact you. Jabra thinks it has the solution ‚ the Jabra PRO 9400 and GO 6400 series. These headsets include a touch screen that allows users to manage calls whilst on the move.

The Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400 Series are now officially available from all Jabra partners in South Africa after. The headsets are the first to offer true triple connectivity1 and user-friendly touch screen controls that incorporate Bluetooth, DECT and USB phone technology. They are immediately available from all GN Netcom partners with prices starting at R3 800.

Key workforce trends show that employees are commonly away from their desk or out of the office often missing important calls leading many to cite best-in-class headsets as critical to driving increased productivity. ‚Workforces are more mobile, use more types of phones and are increasingly demanding devices with high usability.‚ said Scott Gilbert, Business Unit Manager for Jabra at Kathea. ‚Now mobile-centric and office-centric workers can seamlessly manage calls from their computer telephony (softphone), desk and mobile phones and enjoy uninterrupted productivity.‚

With the Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400, users can easily set up the device, manage multiple phones using the intuitive touch screen, start or end calls, adjust the volume, or switch between desk, soft and mobile phones leading to less missed calls and more productivity. The headsets also deliver a more natural audio experience with crystal clear voice transmission through best in class wideband sound and Noise Blackout technology. Superior sound quality and ‚always on‚ connectivity increases workforce productivity by saving a minimum of 10 minutes a day ensuring a return on investment within three months.

In fact, early feedback from users show that the user interface dramatically streamlines headset usage, increases satisfaction and improves effectiveness. ‚With my crazy schedule, every minute counts. This is the first headset I have used that is easy to set up, manage and work with wherever my schedule takes me,‚ continues Gilbert ‚ One thing is for sure, I won’t use a headset again without a graphical touch-screen.‚

Both the Jabra PRO 9400 and Jabra GO 6400 Series are compatible with Unified Communications (UC) solutions from vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco and require minimal set-up regardless of the device in use. For those who have not transitioned to UC, the headsets can be used with both traditional and VoIP telephony systems.

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