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Make your IT services context-aware

The growth in mobility and mobile devices has created a consumer that is both more IT aware and IT savvy, which is why one’s ability to deliver a consumer-style experience will make it easier for IT and the business to align.

According to local ICT services specialists Quintica, customers can make use of the BMC MyIT platform to create context-aware IT services that can be requested for any and all devices.

MyIT is in essence a personal assistant running on each user’s device which allows them to help themselves,” states Kerry Evans, Managing Director at Quintica. “The business benefits of this are enormous as you can significantly cut the costs of service tickets by reducing the number of physical calls to a help desk. You are also empowering your users through a device that is familiar to them.

Quintica customers who have embraced the MyIT service have been able to cut IT-related downtime by a staggering 25% simply by providing a more pervasive and easy to use solution to access IT services from. Another significant benefit is that it allows you to free up time and resources for business projects, all the while transforming and improving the user’s view of the IT department.

Key features of MyIT include: Social IT which provides a daily snapshot of activities, upcoming appointments, pending requests, unresolved issues, and alerts from: Formless IT, encouraging the nullification of filling out forms for requests: Crowdsourced IT where users can add assets to the location-aware floor maps with drag-and-drop ease: App Store allowing fast and secure access to mobile, cloud, and desktop software from any device: and appointments scheduling and in-person assistance or virtual sessions via chat or phone, Skype or Google+.

Business today needs IT more than ever, but this means that with increased usage comes increased demand from these departments. MyIT empowers the user and encourages them to embrace self-help methods via their mobile devices and crowdsourced solutions.

In short it will help your business users to be more productive and your IT to be more responsive. It also allows your user to access and use their business applications on the device of their choice – which is a big boost for business,” ends Evans.

While MyIT is available on mobile iOS and Android apps, it is also available on any device with an HTML5 browser.

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