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Following the launch of YouTube in April this year, South African users are today invited to apply to join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

Through YPP, original content creators in South Africa will now have the chance to reap rewards from their work and share revenue from ads which can be placed within or alongside their videos.

Any South African will be able to apply to become a partner at but will need to meet three key requirements:

?œ They will have to create original videos suitable for online streaming:

?œ They will have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that they upload

?œ They will regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of YouTube users

Once accepted into the program, partners will be able to decide which of their videos they would like to generate revenue on YouTube, and in turn, receive a portion of the revenue generated from ads that run within or next to those videos.

A couple of South Africa?fs most popular and prolific original content creators within the YouTube community have already been accepted into the program.

Thierry Cassuto, co-creator and Executive Producer of South Africa?fs first political satire channel, ZANews, said, ?gWe?fve been a member of the YouTube community since December 2009. We?fve seen and read about some of the benefits of the program, and are pleased that South African video content creators such as us now have the opportunity to earn revenue from videos, which now reach an international audience.”

Petrus Cilliers (moricestreet909) who developed a fitness channel on YouTube in 2006, added:?gSixpack Factory, which provides workout tips and routines, has subscribers from all around the world, even countries I have never heard of before. I see the YouTube Partner Program as YouTube?fs way of saying thank you to content creators for making the effort in producing good, quality videos for their viewers.?h

Ben Novick, Communication Manager for YouTube, EMEA said ?gYPP is good for users and advertisers in South Africa. By enabling our users to earn revenue from their content we hope to inspire South Africans to continue to create compelling, engaging and viral content for the YouTube community. And as more and more individual content creators enroll in the program, advertisers are now capable of reaching more qualified consumers by targeting their campaigns to user-generated partner videos, tailored to the unique interests and tastes of their target audiences.?h

South Africa becomes the 16th country to join the YPP program. Many international users who joined the program months ago have already seen great success. Some of our established partners in other countries range from beauty experts like the UK?fs Panacea81, who gives online make-up tutorials, through to the Italian comedian Pazzaluda and the US singer Tayzonday.

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