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Technology Lighthouse has announced PTFB Pro version 4 – a tool that helps turn your collection of buggy programs, legacy systems and off-the-shelf software into a smooth, efficient solution.

Inspired by feedback from system administrators and corporate users, the new features and improvements in version 4 make PTFB Pro uniquely capable of solving problems and increasing productivity in the office environment.

Unlike many of its competitors, version 4 operates normally on locked desktops even under Vista and Windows 7, and is compatible with remote desktop. Also new in this release is the ability to correct the behaviour of legacy programs that don’t cope well with multi-monitor systems.

In a corporate environment the biggest headaches are often connected with programs left to run unattended that stop doing their job. Sometimes this may be due to a confirmation prompt or request for information that halts processing until it is answered. Other companies are stuck with vital but flaky legacy programs that hang or crash unpredictably, requiring someone on standby to restart them. PTFB Pro can eliminate the need for human intervention in these cases, freeing support staff to tend to other issues. When PTFB Pro detects a situation that you have flagged, it is capable of taking a wide range of actions on your behalf and will log its activities if required. In situations where human attention is preferred, operators can configure PTFB Pro to send an email notification.

PTFB Pro also boosts individual staff productivity. Common tasks in applications and in Windows itself can be collapsed down to a couple of keystrokes, speeding up the work rate and simplifying operation for staff members with less training. Administrators can now keep the configurations for such tasks in one central location and share them across PTFB Pro installations throughout the office.

Much of PTFB Pro’s popularity has been attributed to its small footprint and ease of use. Despite the powerful new features introduced by version 4, PTFB Pro has retained its simple, intuitive interface.

PTFB Pro is designed for use on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2003 & 2008 and costs $29.99(USD) for a single license. For more information and to download the 30-day trial, please visit

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