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M-health to move into Africa

African healthcare provider Sanlam Health has struck a deal with systems integrator GlobeTOM to offer mobile health services to large undeveloped areas of Africa.
To make thenproject viable, Sanlam Health partnered with operators including MTN andnintegrator GlobeTOM to deploy a transparent and convergent billing platform tonprocess detailed accounts for pre and post-pay users.
According to Philip Stander, managing director of GlobeTOM,nagile convergent billing platforms play a pivotal role in tracking multiplenbilling transactions from various third party providers. “Convergent billingnand revenue assurance in this sense, is as important to third party service providersnand mobile networks as a watertight tax collection process is to a government,”nsaid Stander.
Other billing gateway applications include services such asninsurance and prepaid distribution. “What they get is a single interface forntheir business service delivery billing irrespective of the network needed tonintegrate and deliver the service. The platform is network agnostic; an idealnplatform for service delivery across coexistent but competing networks,” saidnStander.
* Article courtesy information telecoms &nmedia, organists of AfricaCom.

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