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Lotto now on your phone

Vodacom customers no longer need to wait in queues to play the National Lottery, as a partnership between Gidani, the National Lottery operator and Lidonga Technology and Telecoms now allows them to play it online through their desktops or phones.

Vodacom customers no longer need to go to a National Lottery outlet or stand in long queues to buy their lottery tickets. They can now conveniently play the National Lottery online, via their mobile phones and desktops. This service, which is launched in partnership with Gidani, the National Lottery’s Operator and Lidonga Technology and Telecoms, is also available to customers who are on other networks.

This service provides absolute convenience in that customers can now play anytime and anyplace. Winners also no longer need to put effort to claim, since they are notified via SMS about their winning and funds are automatically credited to their electronic wallet.

‚We’re taking convenience to the next level. Customers will now be able to play the National Lottery anywhere, even in the comfort of their own homes, saving them time and money. They also don’t need to worry about losing their National Lottery tickets because they will have a record of all the games played,‚ says Prins Mhlanga, Managing Executive of Vodacom Digital Media.

When registering to play the Lottery games, an electronic wallet is automatically created for each user. To create credits needed to play, funds must be deposited in the electronic wallet via EFT or cash deposit.

‚The National Lottery has become a mainstay in the lives of many South Africans. We’re excited to be able to provide an alternative way to help them see their dreams come alive. We wish our Lottery players happy winnings,‚ Mhlanga concluded.

Vodacom offers several electronic ways to play the Lottery:

Vodacom electronic channels:

Transaction costs:

Vodacom website

Standard data rates apply based on data package


Standard data rates apply based on data package

Dialling *120*6173# and follow the prompts

R0.20 per 20 seconds or part thereof up to 3 minutes for Vodacom customers. Applicable rates will be charged to customers from other networks

Send an SMS to 39850 with the words ‚Signup’ followed by ID number, name, and surname. (No spaces between ID number)

R0.50 for Vodacom customers. Applicable premium rated SMS rates will be charged to customers from other networks

Bank transaction fee for Cash deposits and EFT transactions


If you need a pay-out, a once off bank validation fee for FICA purposes is required


For pay out from electronic wallet into your bank account there is a bank transaction fee


SMS notifications and confirmation for play and all value added services such as balance enquiries on the electronic wallet or winning numbers



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