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Logitech IO Pen

What’s shaped like a cucumber, works with batteries and vibrates? SEAN BACHER finds out.

Nope. You need to first charge the batteries, plug the docking station into your USB port and install the software ‚ this should take you no more than five minutes, depending on whether you’re the person who likes to read the software license agreement.

Well it works exactly like a pen. So if you write legibly then you will have no problems at all. The software is quick and easy to load and transferring notes is as easy as your ABC. Once your notes are transferred, opening the saved ones is very easy, the GUI interface is straightforward and menu items are logically situated. We doubt you will even need the manual to operate this pen, but should you need help, there is an electronic manual on the CD.

It sure does. The page we downloaded to our computer looked exactly the same as the one we wrote on. The sensor even picked up our indecipherable signature, squiggle for squiggle.

Definitely. We have yet to see a device that performs a similar function and to such accuracy.

Well, we must admit that R2 500 is a hefty price. But the io Pen is not yet available in South Africa and when it is we are sure the price will drop.

For more information on the io Pen visit Logitech’s website at

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