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Links 2003

With thousands of games available for your PC alone, today’s game-player is truly spoilt for choice. As a result, any new game on the market has to have something special to survive. STEVEN CHIABERTA walked the fairways of Links 2003, and believes you won’t find a more special golf game.

Take a few minutes to install it and presto ‚ you’re ready to swing the night away.

Yes. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn how to use it. An hour or two and you’ll already start to get the hang of it, even if you’ve never encountered Links before.

Strangely, Links doesn’t hype itself up as much as most games do. It does not promise the world and inevitably let you down. Whatever promises it does make it more than delivers.

I think that previous versions didn’t leave much room for innovation. Still, they’ve somehow enhanced the old and added the new.

I believe that most games are over priced, and at a recommended retail price of R599-00, this is no exception. Still, the hours ‚ even years – of fun you are guaranteed to have make this an extremely worthwhile buy.

Links 2003 is available at any major PC games outlet countrywide.

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