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LifeSize gets Office key



Microsoft’s rigorous interoperability programme has tested the LifeSize range of video and communications products and officially certified it for MS Office Communications Server.

LifeSize has become the first video vendor to be qualified for interoperability on the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2.

‚LifeSize is now differentiated as the first video vendor to officially qualify for interoperability with this highly scalable Microsoft server,‚ says Clint Cronj√©. MD of Imago Communications, exclusive South African distributors of the global LifeSize range of video and teleconferencing products.

‚Our client-base covers a wide range of government agencies and small, medium and large businesses, many of which are committed Microsoft users. Therefore our customers will also welcome news that Microsoft’s rigorous interoperability programme has tested LifeSize and officially confirmed its R2 interoperability.‚

Among other features, the R2 offers instant messaging, Web and audio/video conferencing and telephony solutions while supporting enterprise-level collaboration. Chat room, interactive voice response and conference auto-attendant features are also built into the platform.

Accreditation comes as many South African businesses are looking to further develop their video-conferencing (VC) capabilities.

‚VC has become a standard business tool for many corporates,‚ says Cronj√©. ‚Some are recent VC ‚converts’ and initially adopted a standard, but scalable configuration.

‚Now tangible business benefits have been delivered they are looking to enhance their VC installations. Interoperability with a versatile server like the R2 therefore provides reassurance of future scalability.

‚We can customise a solution that is fully R2 compatible and will deliver sophisticated functionality comparable with leading edge systems in markets worldwide.‚

Microsoft’s video interoperability programme tests video teleconference systems, multipoint control units or conferencing bridges and gateways, and advises server users to check a video vendor’s interoperability status.

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