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LG unveils new OLED range for gaming and sports

From the 1ms response rate for blur-free gaming, to self-lit pixels enabling a sharper image for a rugby game, LG’s new TV line-up focuses on the latest display tech.



This week LG South Africa celebrated the launch of their 2021 Home Entertainment line-up.  

TV presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee hosted a panel made up of LG’s latest ambassador and Springbok rugby captain, Siya Kolisi, gaming guru Sam Wright a.k.a. Tech Girl, and actor and TV presenter Thapelo Mokoena.  

The TV line-up was themed around three key pillars, “Watch, Play, and Adore”.

Lance Berger, LG’s home entertainment sales head, says: “When it comes to TV and home entertainment, the LG Self-Lit OLED range is the irrefutable best TV range on the market-beating all other TVs with the best picture quality and most advanced panel technology in existence. We’re sure to continue the trend which has given LG the title of the world’s best-selling OLED brand for the past eight consecutive years. Our Self-Lit OLED TV delivers the best ‘hometainment’ experience, with the TV line-up for South Africa in 2021 promising to be the most impressive yet.” 

The OLED TVs (series Z1, G1, C1, A1) are some of the best for picture quality currently on the market, with self-lit pixel technology that produces ultra-sharp and ultra-realistic images with smooth, natural motion. All the OLED G1 series models and above, now feature LG’s new OLED evo technology, which delivers more light per pixel to produce punchier images, a 20% brighter viewing experience and better HDR performance. LG’s latest intelligent processer, the Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI, revamps the performance of the LG OLED TV models in the Z1, G1 and C1 series, creating smarter upscaled content. The processor can detect the genre of the content optimising picture quality, amount of light in scenes, and ambient conditions in various viewing environments. 

The new TV range also hosts a redesigned operating system, webOS 6.0, which boasts a more intuitive interface. LG says the new webOS user interface provides faster access to apps and simpler content discovery with finely tuned personalised recommendations. The redesigned Magic Remote has seen the addition of dedicated hotkeys for streaming services, allowing users to jump to a service at the touch of a button.  

LG’s A1 series of OLED TVs offers consumers a premium viewing experience at an affordable price range, while still including stand-out features such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Filmmaker mode, and HGiG HDR gaming support. With all of these innovative features, LG’s OLED range has received no shortage of critical acclaim. The OLED 48C1 was awarded best 48-49-50 Inch OLED TV by Rtings and given the Best of Innovation award at the 2021 CES awards, and it was honoured by Digital Trends for the Top Tech of CES 2021 Award: Best in Show.  

Displays made for gamers  

Sam Wright commented on the quality of the new panels: “I cannot state it enough –this is truly the most outstanding experience for anyone who loves gaming.” 

LG was the first TV manufacturer to offer Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, which dynamically synchronises one’s screen’s refresh rate to match the frames-per-second output generated by one’s graphics card. Screen stuttering severely limits what a player can see in fast-moving scenes, and one’s monitor response time also has a significant impact on gaming performance. At the launch, Sam Wright also explained that the OLED’s self-lit pixels mean players can see all the detail in fast-moving scenes. Low input lag enables enjoyable Twitch gaming and four ports support the latest HDMI 2.1 technology. They offer all the advantages of simultaneous connections for multiple gear set-up, from consoles to PCs.  

These TVs have some of the quickest response times on the market, with a lightning-fast response time of 1ms, from grey-to-grey. It also unveiled a new ‘Game Optimiser’ feature at CES 2021, which can reduce input lag, reduce blue light that causes eye strain, and use AI to automatically optimise one’s graphics depending on the game they are playing. With the introduction of next-gen gaming consoles such as the Xbox Series X/S, LG has partnered with Xbox to make its displays more gamer-centric.  

For the sports-lovers 

Because LG OLED TVs have self-lit pixels that illuminate on an individual level, they can display fast-moving sport scenes with less motion blur and flickering than backlit LED TVs. OLED Motion Pro reduces motion blur, delivering smoother action and a clearer viewing experience than ever before. This allows viewers to see every subtle movement and detail when watching sport, and a wide viewing angle means more people can catch the action. 

More TVs to look forward to 

LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs are another addition to the world of cutting-edge displays, with options ranging from 86’’ to 65’’. Available in a selection of 8K and 4K models, the range sets the new standard for LCD TVs by using LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell technology and Mini LED backlighting to create deeper blacks, more vibrant colours, and excellent HDR quality for more immersive viewing experiences. For consumers looking for a variety of options, LG also has their NanoCell TVs. NanoCell technology uses nanoparticles to filter out colour impurities and produce rich detail, clarity and colour from wide viewing angles.  

With the addition of Dolby Vision IQ, a viewer’s picture automatically adapts to changing ambient conditions and the sport, show or movie that they’re watching. LG NanoCell is also great for gamers, supporting HDMI 2.1, AMD Free Sync, VRR and ALLM, meaning they will be able to play their games in 4K at 120Hz.  

For more information on LG’s new TVs, visit here.