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LG K11

The LG K11 is equipped with a 13MP rear camera technology found in the flagship LG G6 and a high resolution 8MP front camera.
With the K11, photographers won’t miss any great photo opportunities with Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF), which is 23 percent faster than traditional auto focus. The K11 is the first entry-level smartphone to have PDAF, which is mainly used in digital, single-reflex (DSLR) cameras.
The K11 also has increased noise reduction for better low-light photography for brighter, clearer photos. Combined with High Dynamic Range (HDR), photos come out sharper with more luminosity and contrast levels.
The enhanced 8MP front-facing camera takes high-quality, vivid selfies and Portrait Mode artistically blurs the background to create crisp portraits with more depth. Beauty Shot will also improve your selfies by making your skin appear brighter and shinier.

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