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Lenovo launches ‘cloud-in-a-box’

Lenovo Data Center Group is expanding its ThinkAgile portfolio with a “cloud-in-a-box” to provide an innovative solution for customers who desire the agility of the public cloud and the security of a private cloud.

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To address the growing customer trend of hybrid cloud, Lenovo has developed the ThinkAgile CP Series composable cloud platform, a ‘cloud-in-a-box’ that offers the convenience and ease-of-use of a public cloud environment, secured behind the customer’s own data centre firewall. The solution was developed with Cloudistics, a cloud software platform company.

Sal Saglik, director of business development at ICP Corp, said: “ICP had been an early adopter of the Cloudistics cloud platform as well as being a Lenovo reseller. After hearing about these two companies coming together to deliver the Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series, the entire ICP team jumped at the chance to position the new series to our valued customers. The ease of use, rapid deployment and scalability of ThinkAgile CP will allow us to deliver a cloud-like experience in a complete and secure solution without the costs and complexities of the public cloud.”

Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series features fully-integrated infrastructure, an application marketplace and end-to-end automation of software-defined networks, compute and storage. It delivers a turnkey cloud experience that can be centrally managed from anywhere with an Internet connection through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal. 

“Cloudistics’ private cloud computing platform cuts down application deployment cycles by 90%, which translates to faster time to revenue,” said Najaf Husain, Chief Executive Officer of Cloudistics. “We make private clouds as easy to use as the public cloud but with the control and performance enterprise customers want. Our partnership with Lenovo enables us to unleash a next-generation composable cloud platform to the market that is easy to implement, deploy, operate, maintain and support.”  

The ThinkAgile CP Series features fully integrated high availability, backup, remote replication, usage metering, live help & support and multilayered, multitenant security all under a single license. 

Customers can leverage a curated application marketplace (which they can extend with their own offerings) for rapid deployment and enjoy a plug-and-play scale-out of storage capacity. It allows enterprise customers to take advantage of agile methodologies using a private cloud ecosystem. The platform is ideal for businesses or organisations that want the benefits of the public cloud, without compromising control, data security, application performance, and service delivery.”

“The simplicity of the platform changed our work output significantly,” said Scott Whitehouse, IT Director at Integreon. “We are able to quickly import applications, assign cloud computing resources and launch applications on-demand based on our organisational needs in a fraction of the time it used to take us.”

The Lenovo ThinkAgile CP Series is available through Lenovo and Cloudistics sales representatives and channel partners. Customer trials and proof-of-concept testing started in North America and Europe (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark) in July 2018. 

The second phase took place in December 2018 across the EMEA region, in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Luxembourg, South Africa and UAE. 

Throughout 2019, there will be a further rollout, which will have then covered a total of 35 countries in the EMEA region.

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